How to Authenticate and Legalize Canadian Documents for Use in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a highly productive country in South America that has experienced an economic boom in the last decade, making it a popular destination for Canadians retiring or relocating. If you're planning to move or do business in Costa Rica, it's important to note that you will need certain official documents.

Verifying Canadian Documents to Retire or Move to Costa Rica

For example, if you're retiring or relocating, you may need to provide your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Pension Letters, and Police Check. If you're in the pharmaceutical industry, you may need Manufacturer's Certificates, Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP), or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). However, any documents issued outside of Costa Rica will need to go through a process to make them valid for use within Costa Rica. The most common process is the Apostille process, but Canada has not signed the Hague Apostille Agreement. Therefore, Canadian documents need to go through a two-step verification process: Authentication and Legalization. After the process is complete in Canada, the Canadian documents will require additional Superlegalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in San Jose.

Authentication and Legalization is Equivalent to Apostille in Costa Rica

Authentication takes place at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa, followed by Legalization at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Ottawa. Both steps have their own requirements and processing times which are subject to change. Global Affairs Canada is currently taking 15+ business days to authenticate documents, and the Costa Rican embassy has a processing time that ranges from 10-12 business days. It's essential to begin the process as soon as possible to meet your timelines. The experts at Global Document Solutions can assist you with your Canadian document needs, expedite the authentication and legalization process, and provide detailed updates at every step.

Canadian Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate for use in Costa Rica

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and divorce certificates are common documents processed for international use. To obtain them, you can order them from the provincial vital statistics department of the province where the life event occurred. The signatures on all Canadian vital statistics documents are recognized by Global Affairs Canada, which makes them valid for authentication, and personal documents usually have less requirements at various foreign embassies for legalization. Make sure you order the long-form versions where applicable, and if you do not currently have your Canadian pension plan letter, follow the steps to obtain one.

Canadian Police Checks and Corporate Documents for Use in Costa Rica

Canadian police checks are another document regularly requested for use in Costa Rica. There are two kinds of police checks: locally issued police checks and RCMP criminal records check. If you're a Canadian business looking to partner with Costa Rican businesses or compete in Costa Rica's marketplace, you may need corporate documents such as a certificate of incorporation, certificate of pharmaceutical product, good manufacturing practice certificate, or manufacturer's certificate. If you do not currently have documents, you can obtain them by filling out the required forms.

Trust Global Document Solutions for Your Canadian Documents for Use in Costa Rica

The authentication and legalization process for Canadian documents can be difficult to navigate alone. Our experts are here to simplify, clarify, and execute the process for you, keeping you informed and stress-free. Our service centers are located across Canada, and we offer free shipping to our head office in Ottawa for processing. Upon completion, you can pick up your completed documents or have them shipped elsewhere at an additional cost. Contact our head office before using our service centers to ensure that we can process your documents. Trust the experts at Global Document Solutions with your Canadian documents for use in Costa Rica and save time and money in the long run.