Embassy of Mexico Canada Document Legalization – Official Guide

How to get Official Canadian Documents Validated for Mexico

If there is one embassy that we have been working with daily since we started offering our services 30 years ago it would have to be the Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa. It's no surprise with the strong relationship between the two countries and one that is growing each day. Whether it is getting married, buying, or selling property or a pharmaceutical company doing regulatory affairs work getting Canadian documents officially recognized in Mexico has never been more needed but unfortunately it can also be a challenge. Questions such as What documents do I need? What do I need to do? Where Can I get it done? are just a few we get from our client’s when first contacting us for help. This added with the stress of getting it done on time or the potential for expensive headaches means most choose having an expert in the official use of Canadian documents in Mexico on their side instead of navigating two government processes on your own we are here to help you!

If you decide you are up for the challenge on your own or want to find out more about it the Global Document Solutions Inc. Official Guise to using Canadian documents in Mexico is a good place to get started. Below are a few resource articles for the most frequent reasons why and types of documents that we process for Mexico. As well as articles that help explain how Mexico uses a different process called Apostille to validate documents for international uses where here in Canada, we use a process called authentication and legalization.

Canadian Authentication and Legalization the Mexico Apostille Equivalent

The general rule for making a document legally valid for use in a foreign country is that it must follow the process of the country where it was issued. In Mexico, this process is called Apostille which you can find a great article explaining more about this below. Here in Canada the process is called Authentication and Legalization. Yes, I know more big words and what do they mean? we hear this often so below is a link to our Authentication and Legalization Services page to help explain more.

Authentication of Canadian Document for Use in Mexico

Legalization of Canadian Document for Use in Mexico

Apostille Canada Official How To Guide

Mexico Apostille Equivalent for Canadian Documents

Official Canadian Documents To Get Married in Mexico

Mexico has become the go to place for Canadians getting married abroad. Its no surprise with their endless sandy beaches and all-inclusive resort packages to meet your budget it makes for the perfect exotic dream wedding. But before planning dates its best to get your paper work in order to not ruin or delay your special day. Below is a link to a helpful article about getting your documents ready for marriage in Mexico. Its also important to ask your wedding planner in Mexico what is required for getting married in that state. This usually includes Birth Certificates and if you have been previously married a Divorce Certificate but as mentioned its best to check with your wedding planner.

Canadian Documents for Marriage in Mexico Official How To Guide

Using a Canadian Birth Certificate in Mexico

Using a Canadian Divorce Certificate in Mexico

Canadians Buying or Selling Property in Mexico

Whether its retirement or those looking to beat the winter blues the real estate market in Mexico has become hot for Canadians. With a cheaper cost of living than place like Florida or Arizona Canadians have been buying properties through out Mexico but especially in the lakeside villages of Chapala and Ajijic. Along with buying or selling a property comes the official paperwork required. Below is a great article on how we can help.

Canadian Documents Required for Buying or Selling Property in Mexico

Canadian Power of Attorney for Mexico

IMSS Health Insurance Application for Canadians 

With Mexico becoming the number one destination for Canadians to retire applying for IMSS health insurance is a must for some. The IMSS or Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social is largest social security institution in Mexico and also the largest in Latin America. Below is a link to an article about how we can help get your documents ready for your IMMS application.

Official Canadian Documents Required For Mexico IMSS Application

Health Canada CPP, GMP and Medical Device Licences for use in Mexico 

With Canada being the home of many international pharmaceutical and medical device manufactures registering a Health Canada Licence in Mexico is something we do on a daily basis here at Global Document Solutions. Our experts work with the largest manufactures in the world making sure they make it to market on time with no delays. Below is a great article on how we can help you register your Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product CPP, Goods Manufacturing Practice GMP or Medical Device Licence in Mexico.

Registering Health Canada CPP, GMP, Medical Device Licence for Mexico – Official Guide

Embassy of Mexico Legalization FAQ's

Unfortunately Global Affairs Canada is currently experiencing processing delays with those applying themselves having to wait 35 business days for a response. Using our services we can get you the answers you need today to get started. The processing time at the Embassy of Mexico here in Ottawa is typically 5-7 business days but can fluctuate due to the current times.

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Our fees for processing your documents vary depending on the amount of documents you need. The Embassy of Mexico also charges a fee for Legalization which changes each month as it is based on currency exchange rates. For a cost estimate based on your specific needs, use our Quick Quote or call 1-800-336-1132 an Global Document Solutions agent who would be happy to help.

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Yes as many of our clients have documents that contain a language other than English or French, this question comes up often. In most cases, the Embassy of Mexico will not have an issue although Global Affairs Canada has strict rules about documents that contain foreign languages.

As an example Global Affairs Canada will only authenticate a Power of Attorney that contains Spanish if a notarized translation in English or French has been prepared by a certified Canadian translator. If your Power of Attorney contains a foreign language, simply speak with one of our Global Document Solutions agents. They will be able to assist with the fastest and most economical way to have your foreign language document translated.

Global Document Solutions makes it simple to get started with translation services. All we require is a scan of the original notarized foreign language document for review, as fees are determined on a per word basis. It’s that easy!

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Although we use the Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa exclusively for the legalization of documents there are a few consulates located across Canada that can do it. It's important to know if you are not using the embassy in Ottawa for legalization your documents may need to be authenticated provincially. Below is a list of the Mexican Consulates in Canada who are responsible for the legalization of property documents for Mexico.

The Embassy is authorized to legalize documents issued by Canadian authorities or notaries in any of the Provinces and Territories in Canada

Jurisdiction: Ontario and Manitoba

Jurisdiction: Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and Nunavut.

Jurisdiction: British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Jurisdiction: Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Jurisdiction: Ontario, Essex County (South)

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Yes, Authentication and Legalization Stamps together are equivalent to an Apostille Certificate in Mexico as they both validate documents for international use. Countries that have not signed the Hague Apostille Convention agreement like Canada use Authentication and Legalization Stamps while countries like Mexico who have signed the agreement issue an Apostille Certificate.

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