No, we wish we could but unfortunately, we are just the authentication and legalization experts which means our job is to ensure that you get the right stamps on your document to make it valid for use internationally. Although we do help verify your document to ensure it will be accepted at both Global Affairs Canada and the countries embassy this is where our expertise ends. Since each situation and country has different document requirements, depending on what you are using your document for, it is best to get directions from your in-country contact who is asking you to legalize your Canadian documents. This way you get it right the first time with no delays or possibility of having an incorrect document legalized for the purposes that you need.

For example, our clients often may need what is called a long-form birth certificate as opposed to the usual short-form birth certificate most people are familiar with. Another is with police checks which come up often as most countries require that you obtain one from the RCMP using a digital fingerprint search with their national headquarters in Ottawa as opposed to your local police force. As previously mentioned, it’s important to get it right the first time, so we recommend you ask the right people which are the people who are requesting that you have your Canadian documents legalized.

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