Not always but in some cases, you may want to make a notarized copy of your original document to keep it in pristine shape for use in the future. For those clients that must have their document notarized, it is because their document does not have an official signature on it that is recognized by the B.C. Authentication Office. In these cases, you will need to have your document notarized by a B.C. Notary. This is a service we can provide if you send the original document to our office our Notary will ensure it meets the requirements. If you need Notary services simply ask your Global Document Solutions agent. 

Some documents such as a B.C. birth, marriage, or death certificate issued by the Ministry can be authenticated as is and do not need further attention. If you are not sure about your document not to worry your personal agent will review your document to clarify if any extra steps are needed. 

Category: BC Authentication