Legalization processing time is dependent on the specific embassy which varies widely from country to country. The Legalization processing times are in addition to the Global Document Solutions authentication service speed that you choose. Your agent will provide you what the current estimated legalization processing time is when you confirm the use of our services. As an example, the current processing time for the Embassy of Mexico for legalization is 5-9 business days. Unfortunately due to Global Affairs Canada Authentication processing delays times are fluctuating weekly. You can find out the current estimated authentication processing times here. This estimate neither includes shipping time to our Ottawa Office nor back to you when the document is legalized by the embassy.

Although it’s important to remember that processing times for legalization can change without notice for many factors. These factors include such things as unexpected embassy closure, national holidays, embassy receiving a high volume of legalization requests, embassy signatory not available, your document is under further review, or needs additional requirements to name a few. Whatever the case may be, delays in processing cost both time and money. At Global Document Solutions we understand this, which is why our legalization services are the right choice for your important international document.

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