Once you have sent your documents to Global Document Solutions and your package is received in our Ottawa Headquarters, you will receive an email with your unique Global Document Solutions Order Number and details of your file with our Online Order Status Tracker, which you can use to check the most current status of your order. We will then start processing your file, where in some cases first a notarized copy of a document needs to be made, or a translation to or from a foreign language needs to be done before we can start with the authentication and legalization. Once all your documents are ready, we will attend at Global Affairs Canada in person on your behalf to get your documents authenticated on your chosen Authentication Service Speed. Once your documents have been authenticated, they will be submitted for legalization on the following business day that the Embassy or Consulate is open. Once the documents have been legalized and we have received them back from the Embassy or Consulate, we verify the legalizations and then ship out the documents to your destination of choice. Once shipped out, we will provide you with the tracking details and estimated delivery date. At each step of the process, you will receive an email update via our Online Order Status Tracker, so you know exactly where you are in the process from start to end.

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