This question comes up often as many of our clients have been told to get an Apostille for their Canadian document and then find out that it is not possible to get an Apostille Stamp in Canada. Since Canada has not signed the Hague Apostille Certificate Convention our government does not issue them. If you have been asked to get an Apostille certificate for your document it means that it is going to be used in a country that has signed the agreement. Before the agreement, all countries used authentication and legalization to validate documents, which is the method Canada still follows as do many other countries. The important thing to remember is that if you follow the process of the country in which the document has been issued there will be no problems with your document being accepted in another country. In other words, in Canada, the document must first be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada Authentication Services Section. Once authentication has taken place it then can be legalized at the embassy of the country in which it is going to be used. Each document and country has varying requirements and rules for processing, so to ensure that your document is validated properly contact one of our friendly specialized agents to talk about our services and how we can help.

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