If you have been asked to validate your document for official purposes in a foreign country you want to get it right the first time. Time is of the essence for most of our clients, the sooner it’s done, the sooner you can move on with the important matter related to why you have been asked to authenticate the document. We understand that waiting 15 business days for authentication will not work for your timelines. With Global Document Solutions having locations across Canada offering free shipping we save you time and money. Our order status tracker and up to the minute email updates provide peace of mind throughout the process. Choosing Global Document Solutions authentication services means no red tape frustration waiting for ODS to authenticate your document, we take the guessing out of the process. Global Document Solutions saves you time giving you Canada’s international document experts on your side to answer any question you may have with the utmost customer service. For our clients, this is what differentiates Global Document Solutions from navigating the public service on their own they want an expert to guide them.

Category: ON Authentication