Validating Canadian Documents for Use in the UK: A Guide for Citizens and Businesses

The use of Canadian documents in the United Kingdom is a common practice given the strong historical and cultural ties between the two countries. However, due to differences in legal procedures, Canadian documents must undergo a validation process before they can be used in the UK. This is particularly important for citizens and businesses that frequently travel between the two countries for work, study, or immigration purposes, as well as those with business interests, partnerships, and subsidiaries in both countries.

It is recommended that individuals and businesses contact the requesting party in Canada to determine if their documents require legalisation, also known as an apostille. The legalisation process involves validation and authentication of Canadian documents through the Canadian government's Global Affairs Canada department and the consular section of the relevant UK embassy. However, not all commonwealth countries require legalisation, and the degree of verification required may vary depending on the requesting party.

The Authentication and Legalisation Process for Canadian Documents in the UK

The authentication and legalisation process for Canadian documents in the UK can be confusing since Canada has not signed the Hague apostille convention, which is a widely used process for document validation. Canadian documents must undergo the original two-step process of authentication and legalisation, which may be required by the requesting party in the UK. It is important to note that Ireland is a sovereign country and separate from the UK, so Canadian documents for use in Ireland must undergo the full authentication and legalisation process.

Validating Canadian Vital Statistics Documents for Use in the UK

It is common for Canadian documents, such as birth, marriage, and death certificates, to become lost or damaged over time. Only certain types of Canadian vital statistics documents are accepted for authentication at Global Affairs Canada, and individuals must provide long-form versions of these documents for authentication without notarisation. Clients can contact the service provider for assistance in the authentication process of their Canadian documents for use in the UK, which has been a trusted industry leader for over 30 years.

RCMP Police Check for Use in the UK

The RCMP Police Check is another frequently requested document by the UK authorities. While locally issued police checks require notarisation before authentication, the RCMP check is recognised internationally and does not require notarisation since the signatures are recognised by Global Affairs Canada. The RCMP headquarters is located in Ottawa, making it easier for clients to get their checks processed if they are living outside of Canada.

Overall, clients can trust the international document experts to guide them through the process of validating Canadian documents for use in the UK. Global Document Solutions has over a dozen service centres across Canada, making it easier for clients to drop off their documents for authentication and receive free priority shipping to the head office in Ottawa. Upon completion of the process, clients can choose to have their document shipped free of charge for pick up or shipped to any location worldwide for additional charges.