The process of preparing a document for international recognition can be significantly complicated by the legalization phase. This critical juncture is a specialty of ours at Global Document Solutions, where our three decades of industry experience come into play. Even for us, with our extensive diplomatic connections, keeping abreast of the ever-evolving legalization requirements imposed by different countries can be demanding. The unpredictability is due to the frequent changes in embassy requirements and regulations. In such a dynamic environment, the key to avoiding missteps is to have a professional like Global Document Solutions Legalization Services by your side. We guarantee that you'll always receive the most current information and the focus your international affair necessitates. It's clear that delays can lead to increased costs, wasted time, and unnecessary stress. Therefore, we prioritize our clients, understanding the potential ramifications of delays, and we are committed to resolving any issue swiftly and effectively. Our exemplary customer service is one of the many reasons why Global Document Solutions should be your first choice for legalization services. Besides saving you time, we provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Canada’s top international document experts are diligently working on your behalf.

You can avail of Global Document Solutions Legalization services from anywhere globally, or by visiting one of our Global Document Solutions Service Centers situated throughout Canada. To find out more, simply visit our website and utilize our Cost Estimator or contact us toll-free at 1-800-336-1132 from Monday to Friday, between 9 AM to 5 PM. Our friendly representatives at our Ottawa National Office are always ready to assist. If you prefer using one of our Global Document Solutions Service Centers, we typically require a one-hour notice to schedule an appointment. After that, you are all set to drop off your ALSC order form, documents, and any necessary embassy requirements at the most convenient Global Document Solutions Service Center. Our reception staff will be prepared to expedite your document to our National Office in Ottawa for processing. Rest assured, we'll promptly update you via email once your document has been received at our Ottawa National Office for legalization. The email will include a file number allowing you to track the progress of your order using our Order Status Tracker. It truly is as simple as that!

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