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How to Apostille a Canadian Degree & Transcripts for Spain

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Apostille Process in Canada

As of January 11, 2024, Canada's accession to the Hague Apostille Convention has significantly simplified the process of using Canadian university degrees and transcripts in Spain. Now, to ensure your Canadian degree is recognized in Spain, you only need to obtain an Apostille, either from Global Affairs Canada or a provincial competent authority, instead of undergoing the previous three-step process of notarization, authentication, and legalization.

Apostille Process:

  1. Certified Copy of Degree: Initially, you should obtain a certified copy of your degree from the University Registrar. This is a practical step to avoid processing the original document. The Registrar will verify your original degree and provide you with a certified copy, which is acceptable for the Apostille process.
  2. Obtaining an Apostille: The crucial step now is to get an Apostille for your degree or its certified copy. This Apostille serves as an international certification comparable to notarization in domestic law. You can apply for an Apostille through Global Affairs Canada or a provincial competent authority, where they will verify the signature on your document and attach the Apostille certificate.
  3. Submitting Documents: You can submit your degree or its certified copy for the Apostille by mail or through a recognized apostille service provider. Keep in mind that processing times can vary.

Once you obtain the Apostille, your Canadian degree is ready for use in Spain without any further steps. This streamlined process eliminates the need for the degree to be legalized by the Embassy or Consulate of Spain in Canada, saving time and effort.

Additional Tips:

  • Contact Spanish Authorities: It's advisable to contact the relevant Spanish authorities or institutions where you intend to use your degree, to confirm they have no additional requirements.
  • Plan Ahead: Despite the simplified process, it's wise to start early to accommodate any potential delays.

With the implementation of the Apostille process under the Hague Convention, validating your Canadian degree for use in Spain has become more efficient, reflecting a significant advancement in international document recognition.

Conclusion: Trust The Experts @ Global Document Solutions

In conclusion, with Canada's recent adoption of the Hague Apostille Convention, the process of using Canadian degrees in Spain has become more straightforward and efficient. At Global Document Solutions, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in navigating this new process. With over three decades of experience in document authentication and a widespread network of offices across Canada, our expertise is unmatched. Our dedicated team stays abreast of the latest regulations and procedures, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you. Whether it's obtaining the necessary Apostille or providing guidance on the requirements of Spanish authorities, Global Document Solutions is your trusted partner, committed to delivering exceptional service and support in recognizing your academic achievements internationally.