Apostille CRA Certificate of Residency

How to Apostille a CRA Certificate of Residency for Use Abroad

When engaging in business abroad and generating income, you may be obligated to pay taxes in that jurisdiction. To potentially reduce or waive these taxes, securing a Certificate of Residency from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is essential, especially if Canada has a tax treaty with the country in question. Detailed guidance on obtaining this certificate is available on the CRA’s information page.

Notarization of the CRA Certificate of Residency

Upon acquiring your Certificate of Residency, it requires notarization. Our notary services can facilitate this process for you. Following notarization, the certificate must undergo authentication and legalization for international recognition. This process is akin to obtaining an Apostille Certificate, depending on the destination country’s regulations.

Recent Update: Canada Joins the Hague Apostille Convention

Canada's recent entry into the Hague Apostille Convention has streamlined the authentication process. Now, you only need an apostille from Global Affairs Canada or a provincial competent authority for countries that are members of the Convention. However, for non-member countries, the traditional authentication and legalization steps remain necessary.

Authentication by Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada will authenticate your notarized CRA Certificate of Residency, a process that currently takes over 40-65 business days for mail or courier submissions. Therefore, prompt action is advised. Our authentication services are designed to assist you efficiently, and more information is available on our website.

Legalization Process

Following authentication, legalization by the embassy of the destination country is required to ensure the certificate’s acceptance. This step aligns the document with an Apostille for countries under the Hague Apostille agreement. Embassies may ask for additional documents and fees, but our consultation services are here to guide you through these requirements.

Consultation for CRA Apostille, Authentication, and Legalization

For specific guidance on the Apostille process, Authentication, and Legalization of your CRA Certificate of Residency for international use, please reach out to us at 1-800-336-1132 in North America or request a personalized quote on our website