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At Global Document Solutions, we have been providing professional apostille or authentication and legalization services for 30 years. Our Calgary service center is located at Suite 3300, 205-5th Avenue SW, Bow Valley Square 2 and is here to make the process easy and stress-free for those in need.

Many of our clients are confused by the process of validating official documents for use in a foreign country. With numerous websites offering conflicting information, it can be difficult to know where to turn. At Global Document Solutions, we understand this confusion and specialize in Canadian document apostille or authentication and legalization.

How To Get An Apostille In Calgary

Canada's recent accession to the Hague Apostille Convention marks a significant milestone for individuals and businesses in Calgary, Alberta. This international treaty, formally known as the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, simplifies the process of document authentication and legalisation, making it more efficient and less cumbersome.

Before Canada joined the Hague Apostille Convention, documents issued in Canada, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, corporate documents, and educational certificates, needed to undergo a two-step process to be recognized in a foreign country. This process involved first obtaining authentication from Global Affairs Canada and then seeking legalisation from the consulate or embassy of the destination country. This procedure was often time-consuming and complex, creating hurdles for those needing to use Canadian documents abroad.

Calgary Apostille Service

Navigating The Alberta Apostille Process With Help From The Experts

However, with Canada's entry into the Hague Apostille Convention, this process has been significantly streamlined. Now, individuals and businesses in Calgary can obtain an apostille for their documents, a single certification that is recognized by all member countries of the Convention. An apostille certifies the origin of the public document, the authenticity of the signature, and the capacity in which the person signing the document acted.

For Calgarians, this means that documents destined for use in any of the 125 member countries of the Hague Apostille Convention can now be easily authenticated. This change is particularly beneficial for businesses engaged in international trade or services, individuals working or studying abroad, and those dealing with cross-border legal matters. The apostille process simplifies and accelerates the recognition of Canadian documents, fostering smoother international transactions and interactions.

This development represents a significant advancement in international document processing, enhancing Calgary's role in global commerce and personal affairs. With Canada's integration into the Hague Apostille Convention system, the process of validating Canadian documents for international use has become more efficient and user-friendly, benefiting a wide range of stakeholders in Calgary and across the country.

Authentication and Legalization for Non-Apostille Countries

The process of authenticating and legalizing documents is crucial for their recognition in countries that are not signatories of the Hague Apostille Convention. While the term 'Apostille' is often used interchangeably in some nations, it essentially serves the same purpose as authentication and legalization, which is to certify the validity of Canadian documents for international usage. Our expert team is committed to navigating you through this intricate process, ensuring that your documents are properly authenticated and legalized according to the required standards.

Alberta Authentication of Document Services

The first step in validating an Alberta document for international use is authentication. This process can be done through the Alberta Deputy Provincial Secretary's Office. This is the preferred method for international authentication as they can authenticate most official documents from Alberta, including original documents, notarized copies, and documents sworn by an Alberta Notary. Our experts will assist in determining if your document is suitable for authentication and guide you through the process.

Authentication of Documents at Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada authentication services maybe required for some types of documents or for certain countries. Depending on the type of document that you have Global Affairs has certain requirements that must be followed in order for them to authenticate your document. After reviewing your document one of our experts will determine if it qualifies and give you some options as to how you can proceed. If you are not sure whether your document is the correct type for Authentication at Global Affairs Canada, not to worry, our consultation will confirm it.

Legalization at Embassy Consulate – Final Step 

After we have authenticated your document it’s ready for legalization at the embassy consulate of the country in which you will be using it. There is a good chance that the country will not have an embassy consulate in Alberta since most are located in Ottawa. The step of legalization is also called Attestation or Super Legalization in some countries but they mean the same thing. What it means is that the countries consulate has confirmed the authentication signature and stamp of Global Affairs Canada. In some cases they will attach a certificate but in most cases they will sign and stamp the document with their official seal. Now that the two steps of authentication at Global Affairs Canada and legalization at the embassy has taken place you can now use your document in that country for official purposes.

How Does Using Global Document Solutions Services Benefit You?

For over three decades, Global Document Solutions has been a leading provider of prompt and efficient Apostille, Authentication, and Legalization services in Calgary. Our approach is designed for ease, providing you with step-by-step guidance and the bonus of complimentary overnight FedEx shipping. Talk to our expert team about your document needs, whether they're from Alberta, Canada, or abroad, and learn how we can facilitate an effortless experience for you.

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