1. Due to the various rules that Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the respective Provincial Competent Authorities and the Embassy has you must first speak with a Global Document Solutions Inc. (GDS) agent at 1-800-336-1132 before attending at any of our GDS service centers. This will ensure that your document is ready for processing and that you have any additional requirements for the embassy or Global Affairs to save you time. It will also allow us to help you complete our Order Form, explain the fees that are required to perform our services and confirm your payment options prior to you attending. It’s important to note that if you do attend at an GDS service center prior to speaking with an GDS agent it may result in more fees for you for us to perform our specialized services.
  2. It is acknowledged that we require our completed order form and payment before performing any of the services we offer and which if not provided we do have the right to suspend or refuse services.
  3. It is acknowledged that Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the Provincial Competent Authorities or a particular Embassy or Consulate, when presented with a document for the apostille or authentication and legalization process, will review that document to ascertain whether it is relevant or appropriate and retains the right to refuse any document for whatever reason it see's fit. Note GDS Apostille, Authentication or Legalization service processing times are not guaranteed as they are dependent on current service offerings. Processing times for legalization services at an embassy consulate are estimated and can change without notice for many factors. These include such things as unexpected embassy closure, national holidays, embassy receiving high number of legalization requests, embassy signatory not available, your document is under further review or needs additional requirements to name a few.
  4. It is acknowledged that there is a possibility that a presented document might be rejected either by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the Provincial Competent Authorities an Embassy or Consulate, or that a delay may take place because of some irregularity associated with that document. If the case GDS assumes no responsible for any unforeseen delays due to this.
  5. If a document is rejected by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the Provincial Competent Authorities or an Embassy or Consulate, the client must co-operate fully with GDS to assist in the correction of any irregularity causing the rejection or delay in the processing of the document for apostille or authentication and legalization in order for GDS to perform its services.
  6. It is agreed that any additional fees incurred by GDS to rectify such an irregularity or delay is payable by the instructing client.
  7. It is acknowledged that GDS may and does advance funds to various Embassy or Consulates in payment of its fees in order to complete the process, and may also pay out money on domestic couriers in the case of arranging documents for delivery in Canada and the world and that therefore our instructions cannot be cancelled once the documents have been received by GDS and processing commenced. If your request has been received, and we have confirmed this fact with you that it is ready for processing, a $100 administration fee will apply if services are cancelled and/or not commenced.
  8. It is acknowledged that GDS is not responsible for any loss, delay or damage as a result thereof or otherwise caused by the failure of delivery services provided by Federal Express, UPS, Purolator, DHL, TNT or any other domestic/international courier companies or via any Countries Postal Service. If the instructing client does not provide a completed waybill for the forwarding of their completed documents GDS does not assume any liability in the case of any and all waybills completed by it in the assistance of the instructing client as it is the instructing clients responsibility as noted in our instructions to engage our services to supply such in order to ensure the correct and timely delivery of their time sensitive documents and as such GDS is not responsible for any loss, delay or damage as a result thereof or otherwise caused by the failure of the delivery of the completed documents.
  9. It is acknowledged that GDS does not provide any legal advice and cannot counsel the instructing client on what is required of them.
  10. GDS is a private professional service and is not a government service or in any way associated with any government department.

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