Authentication and Legalization of Canadian Documents for Use in Ukraine

Canada is home to over 1 million people with Ukrainian heritage, making it not surprising that there are a lot of interactions and partnerships at the political, corporate, and personal level between these two countries. As a result, thousands of documents are exchanged between Canada and Ukraine every year for various purposes. Canadian businesses may require documents such as a Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, Power of Attorney, or a CRA certificate of tax residency to be used in Ukraine, whereas Ukrainian Canadians may need to use their divorce judgement, birth certificate, power of attorney, or Canadian University Degrees in Ukraine.

Official Canadian Documents for Use in Ukraine

However, it is not as simple as merely sending these Canadian documents to Ukraine. Before they can be accepted as valid there, they must go through a process of verification to ensure they are authentic and real. This process is called authentication and legalization, which is similar to an apostille. It involves two steps: authentication at Global Affairs Canada, followed by legalization at the consular section of the embassy of the country where the documents will be used.

Canadian Document Authentication & Legalization is the equivalent to Apostille in Ukraine, and we have been providing this service for over 30 years. We are the experts in all Canadian documents for use abroad, whether personal or corporate. Our agents attend at Global Affairs Canada daily to ensure the fastest service possible. Upon completion of authentication, one of their agents will personally present the documents on the client's behalf to the consul at the Embassy of Ukraine in Ottawa, Canada. Although they cannot influence the processing times of foreign embassy consulates, their service guarantee means they ensure the documents will be valid for use in Ukraine. They are always up to date on their changing requirements and prepare the documents to their specifications to secure a fast and seamless legalization process.

Canadian Vital Statistics Documents Authentication and Legalization for Ukraine

For personal affairs, Canadian vital statistics documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates are commonly requested for various reasons, ranging from citizenship and immigration to the inheritance of an estate. The signatures on Canadian birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates are recognized by Global Affairs Canada, which makes them ready for authentication. However, no short form versions of these documents will be accepted for authentication. Another document that is occasionally requested along with a Canadian vital statistics document is a divorce certificate. Whereas Canadian vital statistics documents are issued by the province wherein the life event occurred, divorce judgements and divorce certificates are issued by the court at which the divorce was finalized.

Canadian University Degree Authentication and Legalization for Ukraine

As for Canadian University Degrees, transcripts, and diplomas, they are some educational documents that will be requested from individuals for use in Ukraine. These can be for multiple reasons related to employment and further education. If an individual has their degree somewhere in an accessible location, it is good to go as almost every degree and its accompanying transcripts contain signatures recognized by Global Affairs Canada. This means they can be authenticated without additional processes such as notarization by a notary public or lawyer, and can then be legalized at the Ukrainian embassy. However, using the original degree, diploma, or transcripts is not always the best option as it may be desired to keep the original degree in a safe place and in good condition. Additionally, most degrees are quite large which means they are expensive to ship and are inevitably more prone to damage as they are handled by shipping couriers and embassy staff. Luckily, the Ukrainian embassy does not require the original degree for processing. This means an individual's best option will often be to make a notarized copy of the degree.

Canadian Power of Attorney for Use in Ukraine

As for Power of Attorney documents, these are also frequently required for use in Ukraine, and individuals must ensure that they have been notarized by a Canadian lawyer or notary public and that the stamp, signature, and seal are all visible and match. They will need this for their Canadian Power of Attorney to be authenticated at Global Affairs Canada, and subsequent legalization at the Ukrainian embassy. However, most lawyers can draft one for an individual or they can even find templates online and complete them themselves. Note that they will still need their Power of Attorney notarized for it to be valid for authentication at Global Affairs Canada and subsequent legalization at the Ukrainian embassy.

Canadian Corporate Document Authentication and Legalization for Ukraine

As Ukraine continues to open its doors to foreign corporations, many Canadian businesses are looking to plant their flag in Ukraine's growing marketplace. Whether it's to partner with a Ukrainian business, open or expand subsidiaries, or export Canadian-made products, there are a series of corporate documents that will be required for use in Ukraine. These include corporate powers of attorney, CRA certificate of tax residency, Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, and many others. The exact documents needed will depend entirely on what has been requested by associates in Ukraine. As an existing Canadian corporation, most of these documents should be on file or individuals should know how to get them. Some documents such as corporate powers of attorney can be drafted by lawyers at an additional cost. Note that all corporate documents will need the stamp seal and signature of either a lawyer or notary public.

Global Affairs Canada Authentication of Documents for Ukraine

It is important to keep in mind that Canadian documents must go through the process of authentication and legalization to be accepted as valid in Ukraine, and it can be a time-consuming and confusing process. Authentication at Global Affairs Canada can take 15+ business days, and the Ukrainian embassy has its own processing time that can change. If there are deadlines to meet, this long and uncertain processing time is simply not an option, and errors can result in further delays.

Hiring a Professional Service for Canadian Document Authentication and Legalization in Ukraine

Therefore, individuals can consider hiring the services of Global Document Solutions (Global Document Solutions), the first providers of this service, to handle the process on their behalf. For three decades, we have been assisting Canadians with their personal and professional affairs in Ukraine. They have helped thousands of businesses, law firms, construction companies, pharmaceutical companies, professional individuals, famous musicians, actors, and even former Canadian prime ministers. They provide personal agents to assist individuals in preparing their documents for authentication and legalization, as well as to provide detailed updates at every step of the way, answer any questions, and address any concerns throughout the process.

Global Document Solutions has has service centers in Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Halifax, Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey, Calgary, and Montreal, where clients can drop off their documents and pick up upon completion of the process. Our service centers offer free priority shipping via FedEx to their head office in Ottawa, which is especially useful for individuals who are not currently residing in Canada. Once the process is completed, individuals can have their documents shipped anywhere in the world, including Ukraine, through one of their many shipping partners at an additional cost, or they can simply pick up their documents where they dropped them off.

In conclusion, individuals who need to use Canadian documents in Ukraine must go through the process of authentication and legalization to ensure they are recognized as valid in Ukraine. This process can be time-consuming and confusing, but services such as Global Document Solutions can make the process easier, faster, and more efficient. By hiring a professional reliable service, individuals can ensure their documents are valid and ready for use in Ukraine, without the added stress and uncertainty that comes with handling the process themselves.