Canadian Document Authentication and Legalization for Use in Egypt

Introduction Egypt has a rich history and a growing economy that has attracted many foreign businesses and investors, including Canadians. However, for these endeavors to be successful, Canadian documents such as certificates, invoices, and power of attorney must be authenticated and legalized in Egypt. Since Canada has not signed the Hague apostille convention, the process involves authentication and legalization, which can take several weeks to complete.

Authentication Process

Authentication takes place in Ottawa at Global Affairs Canada, where certain requirements must be met. The most important requirement is the signature on the documents, which must be from a notary public or a lawyer. Some Canadian documents such as vital statistics and RCMP police checks do not require additional notarization. Authentication can take up to 15+ business days, so if time is a concern it is best to start the process as early as possible.

Legalization Process

Legalization takes place at the consular section of the Egyptian embassy in Ottawa. The embassy has its own requirements for legalizing Canadian documents, including fees and additional documentation. This is the most difficult step and where most delays occur, and the processing time can vary significantly. Global Document Solutions, a Canadian document authentication and legalization service, offers assistance with these processes and has developed expertise in dealing with the embassy's changing requirements.

Canadian Corporate Pharmaceutical Documents for Use in Egypt

Many Canadian businesses and innovators are interested in Egypt, and corporate affairs require specific documents. These documents vary depending on the demands of the requesting party in Egypt and may require additional processes. Some Canadian corporate documents cannot risk being lost, and notarized copies should be made and processed instead. Global Document Solutions can assist with helping you obtain select corporate documents and with the processing of commercial invoices and certificates of origin through the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Trust the Experts Global Document Solutions has been providing document authentication and legalization services for over 30 years and has strong relationships with agents at Global Affairs Canada and consular staff at the Egyptian embassy. We offer a service guarantee and have over a dozen service centers in major Canadian cities for convenient drop-off and free shipping to our head office. With our assistance, Canadian documents can be processed in a timely and stress-free manner.

Conclusion Trust The Experts @ Global Document Solutions

For Canadians doing business in Egypt, the authentication and legalization process can be a major hurdle. However, with the assistance of Global Document Solutions, the process can be expedited and made more efficient, allowing Canadians to take advantage of the opportunities in Egypt.