How to Authenticate and Legalize Canadian Documents for Use in Portugal

If you plan to move, work, apply for citizenship, or do business in Portugal, you will likely be required to have your Canadian documents authenticated and legalized before using them. This means that for a Canadian document to be accepted as officially valid in Portugal, it must first be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa.

Understanding Authentication of Canadian Documents

However, meeting the requirements set by Global Affairs Canada can be confusing and often subject to change. That's where our expert services come in. At Global Document Solutions, we can help ensure that your documents meet the necessary requirements and are backed by our service guarantee. Moreover, our consultation services and exceptional customer service can help you get the answers you need in a timely and efficient manner, rather than waiting for 30 business days for a response from Global Affairs Canada.

Equivalence of Authentication and Legalization to Apostille

In Portugal, the process of Authentication and Legalization of Canadian documents is equivalent to the process of Apostille used for the certification of documents for international use. However, while Portugal has signed the Hague Apostille Agreement, Canada has not. Thus once your document has been authenticated and legalized at the Embassy of Portugal in Ottawa, it is considered equivalent to an Apostille in Portugal.

Official Canadian Documents for use in Portugal

The document requirements for Portugal vary depending on the nature of your stay or business. For instance, you may require your Canadian birth certificate, marriage certificate, RCMP police criminal record check, educational documents, or corporate documents. At Global Document Solutions, we take care of all your document requirements and can also provide translation services for your Canadian documents into Portuguese through our network of reliable translation firms.

If you need information on how to Authenticate and Legalize your Canadian documents or about Apostille in Portugal, we are here to help. As Canada's leading one-stop authentication and legalization service, we provide expert consultation services and ensure that all your document requirements are met efficiently and without delay. Contact us today to get started.