Mexico Embassy in Canada: A Guide to Document Legalization

Mexico and Canada enjoy a strong diplomatic relationship, and the Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa plays a critical role in maintaining and strengthening that relationship. The Embassy provides consular assistance to Mexican citizens living in Canada, as well as serving foreign nationals who want to visit, work, or reside in Mexico.

In this guide, we will provide all the information you need to know about document legalization at the Mexico Embassy in Canada, including processing times, fees, and the steps you need to follow to submit your documents.

Contact Details

The Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa is located at 45 O’Connor St. Suite 1000, Ottawa ON K1P 1A4, Canada. You can reach them by phone at (613) 787 5177 or (613) 702 9121, or by email at The Embassy's hours of operation are 9.00AM - 1.00PM Monday to Friday.

Payment Methods

The fees for document legalization must be paid in Canadian dollars. You can pay in cash, postal/bank money order, or certified cheque, made payable to the ‘Embassy of Mexico’. Note that the fees are adjusted at the start of each month, and if you are paying by mail, you must ensure that your payment is received during the same month to avoid paying a different fee. Payment by mail is only allowed for the legalization of Canadian public documents.


Mexican legalization refers to the process of legalizing foreign public documents for use in Mexico. The Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa and Mexican Consular Offices across Canada are responsible for legalizing these documents. The process is sometimes referred to as attestation, authentication, or apostille, but in the Canadian-Mexican context, it is correctly referred to as authentication and legalization.

Before your Canadian document can be accepted for use in Mexico, you must first have it authenticated by Global Affairs Canada, and then by the Mexican Embassy or one of its Consulates.

Areas of Jurisdiction

Each Mexican Consulate is responsible for a specific geographical area in Canada. The Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa is authorized to legalize documents issued by Canadian authorities or notaries throughout the country. Here is a list of the Mexican Consulates in Canada and their areas of jurisdiction.

Consulate General of Mexico Toronto
Ontario and Manitoba
11 King Street West, Suite 350
Toronto, Ontario, M5H4C7
Phone: (416) 368 2875
Fax: (416) 368 0676

Consulate General of Mexico Montreal
Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and Nunavut
2055 Peel Street, Suite 1000
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1V4
Phone: (514) 288 2502
Fax: (514) 288 8287

Consulate General of Mexico Vancouver
British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories
1177 West Hastings Street, Suite 411
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6E 2K3
Phone: (604) 684 3547
Fax: (604) 684 2485

Consulate of Mexico in Calgary
Alberta and Saskatchewan
407 2nd Street SW, Suite 400
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2Y3
Phone: (403) 264 1259
Fax: (403) 264 1527

Consulate of Mexico in Lemington
Ontario, Essex County (South)
350 Highway 77 RR2
Leamington, Ontario, N8H 3V5
Phone: (519) 325 1460
Fax: (519) 325 1464

Mexico Legalization FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about document legalization at the Mexico Embassy in Canada:

  • How much does it cost to legalize my documents at the Embassy of Mexico? The fee changes monthly.
  • How long does it take to legalize my documents at the Embassy of Mexico? It takes 5-9 business days.
  • Which documents can be legalized by the Embassy of Mexico in Canada? Most Canadian documents.
  • Do I need to translate my documents for the Embassy of Mexico to legalize them? No but you may need it in Mexico.

Other Consular Services

In addition to document legalization, the Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa provides a range of other consular services, including visa applications, migratory documentation, power of attorney, birth registration, and information on traveling with pets to Mexico, tax refunds for foreign tourists, and more.

The Mexico Embassy in Ottawa plays a crucial role in the relationship between Mexico and Canada. By providing document legalization and other consular services, the Embassy makes it easier for Mexican citizens in Canada and foreign nationals visiting, working, or residing in Mexico to complete the necessary formalities. Whether you are a Mexican citizen or a foreign national, we hope this guide will provide you with the information you need to navigate the document legalization process.