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Top 5 Questions About Authentication In Canada

How long does it take for Global Affairs Canada to authenticate a document?

The authentication of a document through Global Affairs Canada is a relatively quick process, taking only a few minutes once the official signature has been verified by an Authentication Agent. This efficiency often prompts our clients to inquire about the seemingly longer processing times. To shed light on this matter, we have been exploring the

Why is it beneficial to use Global Document Solutions authentication services instead of doing it myself?

In today's globalized world, the need to validate Canadian documents for official purposes in foreign countries has become increasingly important. However, the process of validation can often be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when dealing with government agencies. At Global Document Solutions, we understand the urgency and value your time. Our efficient document validation services are

Can Global Affairs Canada authenticate a digital scan or photocopy of my document?

Authenticating Documents: Originals and Notarized Copies Accepted by Global Affairs Canada When it comes to document authentication, Global Affairs Canada accepts two types of submissions: the original document with an official signature recognized by them, or a notarized copy made by a Canadian Notary. It is important to note that the physical presence of the

Do I need a Canadian Notary to notarize my document before it can be authenticated at Global Affairs?

Notarization of Canadian Documents: Ensuring Authenticity for International Use In certain instances, preserving the pristine condition of your original Canadian document becomes paramount, necessitating the creation of a notarized copy. The need for notarization arises when the document lacks an official signature recognized by Global Affairs Canada. In such cases, obtaining a notarized version of

My document is not in English or French does this matter for Authentication of Documents?

Importance of Translations for Document Authentication and Legalization The short answer is, yes, it does matter. When it comes to authenticating a foreign language document, Global Affairs Canada has specific requirements. They will only authenticate such documents if they are accompanied by a notarized translation in English or French, prepared by a certified Canadian translator.

If I go to a Global Document Solutions service center can I have my document authenticated while I wait?

Seamless Document Authentication Services Across Canada with Global Document Solutions At Global Document Solutions, we understand the importance of regional accessibility and streamlined document authentication services. To cater to our clients' needs, we have established Global Document Solutions service centers in various locations across Canada. Our Service Centers, strategically located in Victoria, Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary,

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