Birth Certificate FAQ's

Birth Certificate FAQ’s

Where can I get a Canadian Birth Certificate?

If you have never ordered a Birth Certificate, you have misplaced or lost your Birth Certificate, the original you have is damaged, or the document was issued a long time ago, you can order a new or a replacement Birth Certificate from the Provincial Vital Statistics Department in the province where the birth took place.

Can I get an Apostille for my Canadian Birth Certificate?

Authenticating and Legalizing Canadian Birth Certificate for International Use In the case of Canada, as it has signed the Apostille Convention but has not implemented it yet, the original process of Authentication and Legalization is used to validate Canadian documents for use in foreign countries. This process is essential for ensuring the legal acceptance of

Do I have the correct version Birth Certificate for Authentication and Legalization?

There are many different styles of Birth Certificates in Canada. The most common are a credit card sized Birth Certificate, a polymer or half a letter-sized Birth Certificate either with parents’ information (long form) or without parents’ information (short form), and the longest available form which can be called a Statement of Birth, Registration of

Which other documents might I need to get Authenticated and Legalized with my Birth Certificate?

Additional Document Authentication and Legalization Requirements for Foreign Use Depending on the purpose of your Birth Certificate in a foreign country, it may be necessary to authenticate and legalize additional documents such as Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Police Checks, University Degrees, and more. To ensure compliance with the requirements of the requesting party, it is

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