Marriage FAQ's

Marriage Certificate FAQ’s

What other documents might I need to get Authenticated and Legalized with my Marriage Certificate?

Dependent on the purpose of the Marriage Certificate in the foreign country, you might need to get your Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Police Check, University Degree and other documents also Authenticated and Legalized. You will first need to confirm with the requesting party in the foreign country which additional documents you will need to provide with your Marriage Certificate. If

Can I get an Apostille for my Canadian Marriage Certificate?

Currently you cannot get an Apostille for a Canadian Marriage Certificate. Since Canada has not signed the Apostille Convention the original process of Authentication and Legalization is still used to make a Canadian document valid for use in another country. Your Marriage Certificate will therefore first need to be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and

Where can I get a Canadian Marriage Certificate?

If you have never ordered a Canadian Marriage Certificate, you have misplaced or lost your Marriage Certificate, the original you have is damaged, you can order a new or a replacement Marriage Certificate from the Provincial Vital Statistics Department in the province where the birth took place. You can find links to the various vital

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