Mexico faqs

How long does it take to Authenticate and Legalize my Canadian documents for Mexico?

Unfortunately Global Affairs Canada is currently experiencing processing delays with those applying themselves having to wait 35 business days for a response. Using our services we can get you the answers you need today to get started. The processing time at the Embassy of Mexico here in Ottawa is typically 5-7 business days but can

What is the cost to Authenticate and Legalize my documents for use in Mexico?

Our fees for processing your documents vary depending on the amount of documents you need. The Embassy of Mexico also charges a fee for Legalization which changes each month as it is based on currency exchange rates. For a cost estimate based on your specific needs, use our Quick Quote or call 1-800-336-1132 an ALSC agent

What Mexican Consulates in Canada Legalize documents?

Although we use the Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa exclusively for the legalization of documents there are a few consulates located across Canada that can do it. It's important to know if you are not using the embassy in Ottawa for legalization your documents may need to be authenticated provincially. Below is a list of

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