Saudi Arabia Canada Commercial Apostille Attestation

Apostille Simplifying Canadian Commercial Document Validation for Saudi Arabia 

As of January 11, 2024, Canada's entry into the Hague Apostille Convention has significantly streamlined the validation process for Canadian commercial documents for use in Saudi Arabia. This development means that you now only need an Apostille to certify documents like Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Corporate Powers of Attorney, CPP, Authorization Letters, Distribution Contracts, and Medical Device Licenses for acceptance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Previously, validating documents for Saudi Arabia involved a two-step process of authentication and legalization. Authentication was conducted at Global Affairs Canada, adhering to various requirements, followed by the legalization process at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Ottawa. However, this process was often seen as lengthy and complex due to stringent Saudi requirements.

Our Expertise in Canadian Commercial Document Validation

With over 30 years of experience working with the Saudi Arabian embassy, our expertise lies in handling every aspect of Canadian commercial documentation. We've successfully assisted thousands of businesses in navigating foreign affairs complexities. Even with the new Apostille process, the nuances of proper documentation can be challenging. We've observed numerous instances where documents were rejected for minor oversights. Our team stays continually informed about the latest requirements and fees, ensuring your Canadian documents are accurately prepared for use in Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Notarization and Certification Services

For business endeavors in Saudi Arabia, certain corporate documents may require notarization by a lawyer or notary public. Our services extend to facilitating this step, depending on the document type. Some documents, like Corporate Powers of Attorney and Authorization Letters, necessitate the physical presence of a company member for signing. Lawyers can provide templates and draft various corporate documents for an additional fee. The Chamber of Commerce plays a crucial role in certifying Canadian Commercial Invoices and Certificates of Origin, and in endorsing corporate documents for authentication.

Our Commitment to Your Business Needs

Understanding the intricacies of document validation can be overwhelming. By choosing our services, you receive comprehensive support and regular updates throughout the Apostille process. Your dedicated agent is always available to answer queries and address concerns. We prioritize the security of your information and offer service centers across Canada for your convenience. With our professional assistance, you can confidently manage your business affairs in Saudi Arabia, assured of prompt and expert handling of your documentation needs.